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Lunch Prefix Menu $28

( 1 soup or salad – 1 main course – 1 dessert & espresso ☕️ or americano cup of coffee )
All dishes are served with your choice of soup or salad.
Regular sides available at regular price of $9/ea.
All day Lunch, Available until 5pm, from Monday to Friday
Lunch Prefix Menu

Lunch Prefix Menu

Enjoy your special Italian Lunch

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Antipasti Lunch

Antipasto Italiano Small

Cured, crafted, and a journey through Italian flavors.

Bruschette Pomodoro Small

Tomato whispers on toasted bread, a summer embrace.

Fried Calamari Small

Crispy tendrils of the sea, dipped in marinara melody.

Half Bread

Savor simplicity in every half, a golden crust affair.

Nodini Platter

Golden knots of delight, a bite-sized symphony.

Salads Lunch

Burrata Salad
From $11.99

Creamy, balsamic, a salad of sublime textures.

  • Classic $11.99
  • Pollo $16.99
  • Gamberi $18.99
  • Salmone $18.99
  • Tonno $19.99

Cesare Salad
From $9.99

Crisp Caesar elegance, a salad fit for royalty.

  • Classic $9.99
  • Pollo $14.99
  • Gamberi $16.99
  • Salmone $16.99
  • Tonno $17.99

Di State Salad
From $9.99

A salad of seasons, freshness on every plate.

  • Classic $9.99
  • Pollo $14.99
  • Gamberi $16.99
  • Salmone $16.99
  • Tonno $17.99

Mias Salad
From $10.99

Mia's creation, a salad dance of sweet and savory.

  • Classic $10.99
  • Pollo $15.99
  • Gamberi $17.99
  • Salmone $17.99
  • Tonno $18.99

Soups Lunch

Crema del Giorno

Today's comfort, a bowlful of warmth.

Minestrone di Verdure

A vegetable symphony, a hearty bowl of joy.

Risottos Lunch

Primavera Risotto

Saffron Risotto

Risotto cooked in Shallot broth with finely chopped onions emulsified in wine and parmesan cheese with hints of saffron and fine herbs.

Pastas Lunch

La Mamma Chiama
From $13.99

Home in a dish, a comforting pasta hug.

  • Spaghetti $13.99
  • Linguini $13.99
  • Penne $13.99
  • Tagliatelle $16.99


Layered love, a timeless Italian classic.

Pasta Primavera
From $14.99

A spring celebration, a pasta of vibrant joy.

  • Spaghetti $14.99
  • Linguini $14.99
  • Penne $14.99
  • Tagliatelle $16.99

Spaghetti Alfredo
From $13.99

Spaghetti with Creamy cheese sauce topped with prosciutto crunchy

I Milanesi Lunch

L Impanatura Di Milano
From $13.99

Milanese crunch, a golden heritage on your plate.

  • Classic (Chicken $13.99 / Beef $15.99)
  • Parmigianna (Chicken $15.99 / Beef $17.99)
  • Capriccioso (Chicken $15.99 / Beef $17.99)

Le Griglie lunch

Branzino alla Griglia con Patate arrostro

Grilled Branzino, roasted potato perfection.

La Grigliatta Della Mamma

Mamma's grill, a feast for the senses.

Salmone E verdure Di Stagione

Grilled salmon, seasonal veggie delight.

Pizza Lunch

Focaccia Caprese

Mediterranean magic, fresh and flavorful.

Pizza Margherita 9″

Classic Margherita, a perfect pizza moment.

Pizza Pepperoni 9″

Zesty Pepperoni, a slice of spicy joy.

Pizza Primavera

A garden on your pizza, crisp and fresh.

Beverages Lunch

Fruit Water

Fruity freshness in every sip.


Zesty lemon embrace, a sip of sunshine.

Sparkling Water

Effervescence in a bottle, a sparkling touch.

Coffee and Desserts Lunch

Classic 3 Leches

Moist and sweet, a triple delight of indulgence.


Bold Cuban espresso, a sip of rich delight.

Nonna Tiramisu

Layers of love, a sweet journey to Italy.

By The Glass Lunch


A red symphony, a glass of deep delight.


A sip of elegance, the perfect glass of white.


Effervescent joy, a bottle of celebration.

Pinot Grigio

Crisp and light, a glass of Grigio perfection.

Pinot Noir

Elegant Pinot, a glass of red sophistication.

Lunch Prefix Menu

Lunch Prefix Menu

Enjoy your special Italian Lunch

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*Eating raw or undercooked meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, or eggs may increase the risk of foodborne illness. Please inform us of any food allergies you may have. A 20% gratuity will be added to groups of 6 or more.
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