La Fontana’s way

At La Fontana we love to make you feel like you are in an Italian home with our traditional cuisine made with detail, freshness and fascinating variations combined with a great environment. A seal imprinted by the creators Palmerino “Orazio” and Nahir De Grazia since its beginnings in 1980.
With excellent cuisine, charisma and great sense of humor, Palmerino, of Italian origin, managed his first La Fontana to win the hearts of his customers and positioned La Fontana as one of the most prestigious restaurants in Upata, Venezuela where the gastronomic group started.
La Fontana has all the favorite Italian dishes with a touch of sophistication and freshness, traditional favorites like lasagna, burrata pasta, salmon carpaccio, filet mignon and more. The desserts and breads are not an exception of quality and incredible flavor, made from scratch every morning.
At La Fontana, food lovers can also go home with the best ingredients and pastry from “the Italian Store”: A deli that every day will provide fresh artisan bread and the famous “Nutella Panettone”, a sweet bread that already identifies our Fontana’s way.

Our challenge

As La Fontana was created in 1980 in Venezuela by Italian Palmerino “Orazio” and his Venezuelan wife Nahir De Grazia, the origins and culture of both made La Fontana’s concept a challenge to achieve a unique Italian and venezuelan flavor combination.
Today the tradition from Upata, Venezuela and “Orazio” are story as La Fontana it is now a gastronomic group with an expansion of 9 restaurants in Venezuela and in 3 more in United States with the opening of La Fontana (2014), La Fontana Downtown Miami (2016) and La Fontana Trattoria (2016)


When you enter at any La Fontana’s restaurants you will enjoy our canvas painted in Chinese ink depicting the time by “nonno Orazio” when he lived in Conocchia Italy, the artwork represents the house that still exists where the founder of La Fontana, Orazio De Grazia and his eight brothers were born.
Our seal at La Fontana reflects the atmosphere of a cozy Italian family home, which has become part of our branding and good sense of understanding of our business and style.
Discovering Nonna’s Kitchen
As used in an “Italian home” sharing the bread is more than a tradition, it is like a religion, making it the star of the table. We offer the same experience at our table “tabola de la Nonna”. Here, you can choose what to taste among a menu that will be served just like home. Like all “tabola calda”, people have the opportunity to cut the bread, pour the wine, salad and the dish of their choice.
At La Fontana always say to all: “buon apetito, mangia bene, mangia sempre e retorna insieme” (good appetite, eat well, eat together and always return)

Welcome to La Fontana